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I'm a Game/Softwere developer, Lead developer behind Bloodcraft 5 Minecraft mod!

Blockrunner : The Blockside on going game project!

Career Aspirations:
I hold a strong passion for game development and software engineering, and my ultimate dream is to establish myself as a full-time professional in these fields.

Background Information:
I am currently pursuing my dreams with great determination. Alongside my college education, I actively work a part-time job to support my endeavors. Rather than relying solely on traditional schooling, I have taken a self-guided path to programming. I found that this approach allowed me to truly delve into the subject and learn at my own pace. Over the years, I have focused on honing my skills in C Sharp and GML, which are the programming languages I feel most confident in. Although I have some knowledge of other languages, I prefer to emphasize my proficiency in those two. Throughout my four-year journey, I have dedicated myself to mastering the intricacies of C-sharp programming.
Adaptability and Learning Abilities:
One of my strongest assets is my ability to swiftly adapt and learn new concepts. When I set out to acquire new skills, I have a natural inclination to absorb information rapidly and effectively. Typically, within a week of concentrated learning, I am able to apply and integrate newly acquired knowledge with confidence. This allows me to constantly evolve and stay ahead in an ever-changing industry.

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