Block Runner : The Blockside


Get ready for an adventure in this fast-paced bullet hell game! With randomly generated levels and endless mode, in this game you'll never play the same level/game twice. Dodge obstacles and fight challenging bosses with stupid names, or push your skills to the limit as you strive to beat your high score or just kill that one boss you've been stuck on for a while. Fight many odd looking bosses! One of many: The Boomer You never know what's coming next, as unexpected events can occur at any moment. Plus, with the randomized boss stats, you'll have to stay on your toes and adapt to new challenges every time.

What does the game have to offer?

-Endless mode
-Levels with odd looking bosses
-Leveling and upgrading system for your player and guns
-Player Skins (because way not)
-Dungeon mode Fight bosses you have battled in the passed but way stronger.
and much more coming soon!

What are you waiting for?