MrStubby | Wadih


Programmer, Owner of Stubby Tools Discord bot, Lead developer behind Bloodcraft 5 Minecraft mod!

My Dream! 
My dream is to become a full-time game developer and software engineer. 

More about me
I am well on my way to reaching my dream! Right now I'm in college and working a part-time job. I'm a self-taught programmer as school was really not for me as I wanted to learn and discover on my own. My main language that I know the most are C Sharp and GML. I do know some other languages, but I'm not very good at them, so I just won't say anything about them. I have been using C-sharp for 4 years now. 
Fast learner
I'm a fast learner. I pick up on new things I'm trying to learn very easily and will start becoming more conformable after a week of learning.

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