BlockRunner 15.1.0 Beta Changelog and info!

Blockrunner has now been updated to version 15.1.0 and has now taken a big step closer in to being a complete game. This update brings a lot of changes and cleans up a lot of old code. I am hoping that the game will be compete by the end of 2023. I am currently working very hard on this projects because this is my first ever big game that I’m hoping people will play.

Fix game giving error after updating to new version.

After you update your version of the game you may need to whip your data since this update changes the way that save file work again.

How to whip your data.

Go to C:\Users\<your user>\AppData\Local\Blockrunner and delete the GameSave file. This should fix any start up errors you might have as the game can not yet update the file it self yet.

Minecraft Mod

My Minecraft mod Bloodcraft 5 is now on the site you can check it out here!

Why was the 15.1.0 Update delayed?

The delay was because of a game breaking bug that was deep into the code of the game. the main cause of this was the game menu. Sorry about that

15.1.0 Beta


  • Added: Game menu now shows a settings option.
  • Removed: Game menu is now its own object and will no longer show the game in the background.[I am hoping to change this in future updates but for now this will do.]
  • Added: Level system [will be available in full game ]
  • Added: 2 New unlockable skins.
  • Added: You can now exit the game by pressing ESC twice while in the main menu.
  • Added: First music track for endless.
  • Added: One new boss [will be available in full game ]
  • Added: A save system for settings.
  • Added: Fullscreen and sound option in settings
  • Changed: Lives system to a health system due the game being way too hard when fighting a boss.
  • Changed: Tutorial you will now have to press space to move on to the next line
  • Changed: Menu Background.
  • Fixed: Endless mode difficulty selector not change speed of game.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

That is all for this update!

Thank you, and see you soon!